Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses by WealthyShades-FDA




  • ?LIGHT ON WEIGHT, HIGH ON QUALITY » Our Blue blockers are designed for comfortable daily wear with durable lightweight frames and additional coatings which provide UV Light Blocking and make our lenses Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective, and Anti-Glare.MEASURES; Lens height:41mm Lens Width:48mm Bridge:21mm Total: 140mm
  • ?LOW COLOR DISTORTION LENS – Unlike other glasses on the market with heavily tinted lenses. Our low color distortion lens is optimized to provides the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.
  • ?OUR FRAMES HELP YOU FEEL BETTER BECAUSE THEY’RE MADE BETTER »The screens we look at every day emit blue light which causes headaches, insomnia, eye strain, and can even lead to serious long-term retina damage. Our glasses offer superior protection from blue light because we use multiple layers of FDA approved blue light filter coating on both the inside and the outside of our lenses. Our competition only uses one layer of coating on the outside, and that’s just not enough.
  • ? LOOK COOL » Stylish, comfortable, lightweight and made with a high quality frame and hinges for long lasting enjoyment. With our trendy and modern design yet very comfortable to wear, don’t settle for anything less. Why should protecting your eyes be uncomfortable?
  • ? PROTECT YOUR EYES FOR HEALTHIER, MORE RESTFUL SLEEP » Blue light drastically inhibits melatonin which affects mood, focus, and especially sleep patterns. Just 2 hours of blue light exposure a day can make it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Our glasses offer twice the protection so that you can enjoy using all your digital devices without worrying about eye strain, fatigue, or disrupting your sleep.


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