Cards Chocolate Candy



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  • Includes FREE Exclusive Molds and Things Copyrighted Chocolate Molding Instructions
  • CASINO FOR SPECIALTY BOX PART A Dim: roulette 4 3/8 diam. 3/4 deep, Part B Dim: largest 4 3/8×2 3/4×5/8 deep
  • CARD per cavity: 2-1/4″ X 3-5/8″ X 5/16″, Dice : Dim: largest 2 3/4 x 2 x 1/4 deep
  • Molds are FDA-approved PETG Clear Plastic mold Can be used for Chocolate, soap, plaster. It is durable and reusable. Cannot be washed in dishwasher. Not for use with hard candy. lollipop sticks are Not for oven use. Background Color is only for Demonstration purpose, The item is shipped in envelop.


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