Precision Casino Dice 6-Sided 19mm


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  • PLAY YOUR FAVORITE GAMES: Use the Get Out! Precision Casino Dice in Translucent Red to bring a little piece of Vegas to your next game night; Casino quality for craps, Farkle, Backgammon, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), Magic: The Gathering, other roleplaying games, and even educational games in class
  • CASINO-READY: Large 19mm size that has casino grade razor edges and corners; Not “razor-edged” in the literal sense (you could not shave with them!), but they do not have rounded corners and are constructed with excellent care to exacting standards in order to meet stringent casino specifications
  • EVENLY RANDOM ROLLS: If you are concerned about your dice being blamed for bad rolls, these dice put those concerns to rest; Razor edges and flat-faced (flush) pips are precision machined and have equal density weight to ensure truly random rolls without favoring any one side coming up more often than another (even, not loaded); No serial number to throw off balance; Same quality and craftsmanship you will find in any casino
  • EASY TO READ: Transparent beautiful red translucent color on dice; Large (19mm) size fits comfortably in your hand and looks great on any playing surface; Highly-visible white spots (pips) easy to read even at a glance or from a distance
  • CONTENTS: Package includes (5) red casino dice wrapped inside giftable golden foil that makes you feel like a true high roller


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