Slot Machine Queen


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Pull that handle and watch ’em spin
Yes’sir ladies, I play to win!
Bells and whistles, flashing light
Lady Luck’s with me tonight!
Keno, craps and black jack deals
Vegas lights and real cheap meals
Rare white tigers, poker hands
Crooners, comics and rockin’ bands
Kids in college, proms and braces
Made me wish for all four aces
Nest egg withered, lost my stash
Thought I’d end up ‘trailer trash’
Saved my quarters, saved my dimes
Hoping for much better times
Kids are grown, the house is paid
Pretty soon I’ll have it made.
All my life I’ve paid the way
And now it’s time for mom to play
So listen to my ‘inside straight’:
I’m golden now and life is great!


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